Daily Devotional:

Site for daily scripture devotion as well as site for biblical topic searches with multiple biblical versions..

Online Games:

Site has online games and activities that appeal to younger childern ages 3-5

Great site for kids ages 3-12. The site offers fun interactive and educational games for kids. Site is sponsored by Inc.

Site gives kids an early start on money management. The site is loaded with information and games feared toward teaching kids about money.

Links for Parents


Focus on the Family, this site offers tips and articles on a variety of subjects and includes special areas for single parents and new parents.

See ratings for movies past and present that will truly help you decide whether or not it is appropriate for children. Includes ratings on sex/nudity, profanity, and gore/violence.

National Center for Biblical Parenting offers resources including books, tapes, videos, and CDs. Also provides information on parenting support groups and a free weekly parenting tip email

Credit Cards and More: Teaching Teens About Money