King’s Daughters

King’s Daughters seeks to empower Godly, innovative, phenomenal leaders through: Training, Education, Application and Mentorship thus becoming the T.E.A.M. or foundation for the King’s Daughter’s Ministry.

Our Mission

The goal of each weekly meeting seeks to encourage the girls to become active in four areas (Spiritual, Health & Beauty, Education/Career and Social Life & Family) through a process called “Progressive Commission”. This works by tailoring each session to FOCUS on:

  • Myside – looking introspectively to apply skills learned. Also employing these skills within their YOUTH-ON-FIRE Youth Ministry, their homes and/or their company’s department.
  • Inside – looking outwardly to their church ministry and applying their skills and time to their local church body. Using this type of upward thinking they can corporately impact any company and/or organization they are a part of.
  • Outside – taking the skills, training and education outside into their local community. This encourages them to become active participants within their society by becoming a part of the collective voices in their city encouraging city-wide advancement.
  • Farside – taking their new skills, training and voices and being a part of their global community through awareness, support, advocacy, investment of finances/time or creative development to impact their world.