Deborah’s Debutante

Photo-Oct-22-5-26-05-PM.jpg A mentoring ministry open to teenagers with an academic average of B or better. The program was inspired by Isaiah 47:7  “And thou saidest, I shall be a lady forever.” This ministry is designed to instill “a sense of femininity, an awareness of who they are as young ladies.”

As part of the program, girls will be treated to a manicure and pedicure and the purchase of a dress suit, usually something cream-colored with lace or pearls on it. This ministry will also teach the “debs” table-setting skills and etiquette, taking them out to fine restaurants to practice their expertise. But the Debutante Program goes beyond the sartorial and culinary. The DEBORAH DEBUTANTE MINISTRY will work hard to instill chastity in the debs, who must make a commitment to save sex until marriage. Each girl receives a Bible with her name inscribed on it, which we hope the girls will read and cherish long after the cream suits wear out.