Baby and Child Dedications

Baby & Child Dedications

Do you have a baby or child to dedicate to the Lord? Well we’ve made the process convenient for you.

When & Where are Baby/Child Dedications?

Baby/Child Dedications are held after each service and are arranged according to the family’s and church’s availability. To register or for more information, please contact Sheila Owens or Robin Thomas at 1.914.268.0098.

What is Baby/Child Dedication?

Baby/Child Dedication is the act of giving back to God the gift he has given you as parents (Mark 10:14). It is an act of worship, thanksgiving, dependence, trust and commitment. The practice of Baby/Child Dedication has been modeled throughout the Bible: Hannah brought her long-awaited son, Samuel, to the priest, Eli, to dedicate him to the Lord (I Samuel 1:24-28). Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus to the temple for his dedication (Luke 2:21- 31).

The Bible is clear that salvation only comes to a child through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that is evidenced through belief and confession (John 3:16;  Romans 10:9-10). Salvation is not passed on to a child through dedication. Through dedication, the parents promise to raise their children by modeling Godly principles with the desire that one day their children will receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Is baby/child dedication the same as infant baptism or christening?

Baby/Child Dedication is different from infant baptism or christening. While these rites are significant for a variety of faiths, it is the practice of GoldenSword International Fellowship Church to dedicate children. The Bible teaches that all infants are destined for heaven should they die before they are old enough to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ               (2 Samuel 12:22;  Matthew 18:4).

What will happen at the Baby/Child Dedication?

At the conclusion of the worship celebration, the parents and all those who will be a part of the Baby/Child Dedication are to go to the front of the church (right in front of the podium, where or Pastor Owens teaches). The service will include a word of encouragement to all those involved in the service, anointing oil will be applied to parent/parents and child/children and special prayers will be offered to God on behalf of them.  A special certificate will be given to the parent/parents and the Baby/Child Dedication will be concluded.

I am a single parent. May I still dedicate my child?


Who should I call if I have questions?

First Lady Sheila Owens at: 1.914.268.0098.

Who should we invite to the Dedication Service?

The Baby/Child Dedication Service is a very special time, so be sure to invite your family and friends. There is no limit on the number of guest you may invite!

Is there a cost for the Baby/Child Dedication?


Do I have to be a member of GoldenSword International Fellowship to participate in the Baby/Child Dedication?


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For Baby Dedication information, please call: 1.914.268.0098.