Collegiate Ministry

Bishop Owens and Youth
This ministry works with all ministry leaders to assist individuals aspiring to advance in academia (assist with preparing for college – SAT, campus visits, how to apply for scholarship/grant aid.)This countries great ivy league schools (Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth to name a few) were started by men who put God first and studied the word of God as a benchmark to formulate the educational systems.  GoldenSword International Fellowship (GIF) stresses the necessary foundation of God’s word to be forefront in anyone’s study. It is our belief that with all of the social morays that are present in today’s campuses the necessity of one being equipped with the word of God to be able to rightly divide the word of truth. This also opens the door for witnessing to others that are seeking truth, one does not have to go around with a bible in their hand to win souls but to simply live a godly life and that will attract souls like a moth is drawn to a flame.

The E.D.G.E. Principles

Encounter, Direct, Grow, & Engage

  • Encounter: Meet & Build Relationships
  • Direct: Tell Others About Jesus
  • Grow: Discipline
  • Engage: Connect them with a church campus and equip them to tell others about Jesus.